Where to buy drugs online in Atlanta, Georgia

Luciano's AtlantaWhere to buy drugs online in Atlanta, Georgia

Where to buy drugs online in Atlanta, Georgia

The following list ranks the four best pharmacies in Atlanta according to our reader’s reviews. We continue to monitor your ratings and quickly change positions on the site.

1. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy
Rating: 4.9 (31 reviews)

“This pharmacy is sufficient, flexible, and on-point when it comes to medications, no matter the amount. They are very good with the variables of life and are adjusted accordingly. All staff is awesome and professional.”

“If you want great service from a great pharmacy, this is the only place to go… It’s what pharmacies used to be like… I won’t go anyplace else no matter but Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy how convenient it is… Couldn’t say enough positive things about whether you need a script filled or some good honest advice from someone who truly cares about your health!!”

2. Lakeside Pharmacy & Compounding Lab
Rating: 4.9 (47 reviews)

“The cashiers and pharmacy techs are always so helpful and kind! However, pharmacists are rude and unkind. I always feel like they look down on me and treat me as if my needs are unimportant. It will be a huge inconvenience, but I will be transferring my prescriptions to Athens. Lakeside Pharmacy & Compounding Lab could really take customer service lessons from those in Athens. Shame on y’all for treating your customers with such disregard!!!”

“Terrible service. Waited 30 minutes before someone could even see me and handle my order at 4 p.m. There were 4 people all looking at screens. I’ve had better service in another country with a language barrier.”

3. ViaQX Online Pharmacy
Rating: 4.1 (32 reviews)

ViaQX online pharmacy has everything you’d want in local business: personalized service, folks who listen and try to make your problem theirs in order to solve it, fair prices, and a positive attitude. “

“I’m in Seatle a couple of times a year for an extended stay and discovered this gem two years ago. Using the word “staff” is inadequate as everyone there gives all they can to provide what you need. I’ve not experienced a pharmacy of this level anywhere. Can’t think of a reason to go elsewhere.”

4. Richmond Hill Pharmacy
Rating: 4.5 (32 reviews)

“Only pharmacy around, that “can’t” tell you if they have your prescription in stock, or not, like it’s highly classified information. I’ll remember that the next time the old man River wants to see my receipt, as I’m leaving the store.”

Richmond Hill Pharmacy is excellent. The front end almost never has a cashier at it, and when you do find one, they are usually busy stocking shelves and act like you are imposing on them to shop there.”